I am planning to experiment a bit with Qualys Container Security and Docker on the Hetzner ARM64 CAX servers this weekend. Given the current electricity prices, it is probably not really necessary to have a Proxmox server at home.. 

The new Ampere® ARM64 servers from Hetzner are relatively affordable and therefore offer a good alternative. Especially now, with Intel and AMD facing CPU bugs again, this is an even better idea. I really like Debian 12 at the moment, so I would like to use an encrypted Debian on it.

Hetzner offers a preferred way to install an encrypted system. You can find a corresponding guide at the following link. However, please note that you will have to forgo the private networks when following this method. For me personally, this is acceptable for now.

In the guide, you will also need to make an adjustment at the point "/tmp/setup.conf" and insert the line.

PART /boot/efi esp 256M 

Afterwards, you can unlock the cloud server via SSH using Dropbear:

ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no root@your_hetzner_ip